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Stump Grinding

Q: How much does stump grinding cost?

A: Costs vary depending on access, stump type, soil type, difficulty, risk, machine wear-and-tear and a multiple of other factors. As a very rough indication, a simple, dinner plate sized stump on flat ground with good access usually costs around $120+gst to grind. All stump jobs are quoted first so you have no nasty surprises.

Q: What is your hourly rate?

A: As above, stump grinding is not charged at an hourly rate.

Q: What happens to all the mess? Do you “take it all away”?

A: Wood chips/grindings are simply raked back into the hole where the stump was for a tidy finish and generally there is no “mess” to worry about unless the stump is very large. The mulch produced is suitable for using around the garden too.

Q: How long does stump grinding take?

A: Stump jobs are usually fairly quick. Often under an hour and almost always less than one day. We utilize some of the best equipment in the industry to provide the quickest and most thorough job possible.

Q: What happens with underground services such as power and water?

A: These are supposed to be buried at least 300-600mm below ground and usually are well beyond stump grinding depth. If you know underground services run close to your stump we recommend you expose them by hand excavating.  Stumpmaster will take great care but accepts no responsibility for damage to these.

Q: Can I just hire a stump grinder from the local hire shop instead?

A: Yes you can but bear in mind that stump grinding takes years to get good at and you’ll need a fairly decent-sized job to make it worth your while. You will need a lot of spare time too.


Q: What is a mulcher

A: A mulcher is basically a giant lawn mower that can run over trees instead of just grass (see photos on other pages). They can be mounted on diggers, tractors and bobcats. Not to be confused with a chipper, which a machine you put branches through manually and it chips them.

Q: Will the gorse etc grow back after muching?

A: Sometimes. Gorse along with bamboo is one of the plants most prone to regrowth. Because our mulcher is larger than most it gets a little deeper than normal and actually tears many of the plants right out of the ground as it mulches. We have found areas that we mulch regrow at a lessor rate than adjacent areas that have been hand cut and painted with pesticide.

Q: Can I just weed-wack the area instead

A: It would take a team of 10 men with weed-wackers a whole week to do the equivalent of just one hour with our mulcher and the finish would be nowhere near as good

Q: What happens on steep hills?

A: If the mulcher can reach them it will otherwise these areas may need to be sprayed instead

Q: What is your hourly rate?

A: This depends on the machine being used and will be discussed with you prior to starting the job. Contractor selection based on hourly rates is very flawed as different machines work at different rates. Even different brands of the same machine type can have vastly different performance yet charge-out rates may be the same.     

Q: How bigger diameter can you mulch up to?

A: About 200mm depending on the type of wood

Q: Is the mulcher affected by dirt and soil

A: Dirt and soil are no problem but rock, concrete and steel (especially waratahs) can be a problem. The odd piece fencing wire is ok

Tree Work

Q: What kind of tree work do you offer?

A: Stumpmaster offers the clearing/removal of trees to free up land for other uses or to create access, fire breaks etc. We utilize heavy, tracked machinery which can stack logs and mulch foliage and stumps for a tidy finish.  

Q: Can you cut down my tree and take everything away from my residential property?

A: No, but we can recommend someone who can

Q: Do you offer a branch chipping service? Can you chip my big pile of branches?

A: No, but often we can use our mulcher on large dump piles which are difficult to chip. The mulcher runs over everything, processing it as it goes unlike a chipper where you have to manually poke branches into it. This is a great option if you pile is half full of vines and/or soil. Note that flax cannot be mulched

Q: Can you do bamboo?

A: Yes we can it most situations. Bamboo is a difficult and costly exercise. We have loads of experience with this and are happy to advise you on the best course of action  

Q: What can you do with flax?

A: Flax cannot be chipped or mulched. We can pull out flax bushes quickly and either dump them of stack them somewhere to compost. Some people burn them but they need a long time to dry out and even then don’t burn that well



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