Fruit Tree Pruning

Fruit Tree Pruning - Stumpmaster Warkworth
Fruit Tree Pruning - Stumpmaster Warkworth

Proper pruning of your valuable fruit trees is something that is often overlooked. If a two foot tall lemon tree costs $20 to buy in the shop then imagine what that twenty year old one in your back garden could really be worth with a bit of a tidy up.

If pruned incorrectly a fruit tree may take years to recover and often it will never be the same. It is well worth getting it right.

James is a fully qualified arborist with years of experience in all types of trimming and pruning. He can also prune ornamental trees up to around 5m tall. The aim is to produce a finished tree that has not a single branch out of place. If you have a tree that you look at every day then give James a call and he’ll come and make sure it’s perfect! He can even give you advice regarding how and when you can do it yourself.

NOTE: In regard to tree trimming Stumpmaster only offers precision pruning of small trees. Clippings and cut branches are left on site for clients to dispose of. If your job is mainly getting rid of branches or getting as much cutting as possible done for the least amount of money then it is probably not for us. If you are more concerned with getting a tree you love pruned perfectly with the utmost attention to detail then give us a call. For large scale removal of multiple trees and scrub in a rural or land development scenario please visit out "Section Clearing" section    



  • Achieve a desired shape or appearance
  • Reduce the tree’s height and allow easier picking. You don’t want the tree to waste its energy producing fruit up high where only the birds can get it.
  • Encourage greater fruit production - pruning encourages fresh new stems leading to an increased harvest.
  • Encourage bigger or better quality fruit
  • Prevent damage to fruit through limb rubbing
  • Allow better air movement throughout the canopy to discourage pests and prevent disease
  • Allow more light for even ripening of fruit
  • Removal of unhealthy, poorly positioned or otherwise unwanted branches and stems



  • Apples and pears - prune EVERY winter for a good fruit yield the following season
  • Feijoas, guavas, olives and figs - prune after harvesting the fruit
  • Citris – prune early summer. Avoid winter pruning as borer beetles are attracted to the fresh cuts
  • Nectarines, peaches, and plums - prune in summer or early autumn
  • Cherries and blueberries – Prune in summer or autumn. These plants should not require much pruning
  • Grapes and kiwifruit - prune in winter



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