Gorse Mulching

Stumpmaster has a variety of machines of varying sizes suitable for mulching gorse and similar materiel. We can tackle any sized job from just a few small plants that need hand cutting and stump grinding to large farms with many hectares of gorse or unwanted vegetation. We're good at working on and around hills and steep slopes (which make up most of New Zealand). 

Gorse clearing is a tricky subject and we have found there is no one-size-fits-all method or machine for dealing with it properly. It does tend to grow back easily either from roots or seeds left in the ground or self seeding from nearby plants. However, mulching a very effective way to clear it and limit regrowth. We have found that areas that have been hand-cut and painted with pesticide have higher regrowth rates than adjacent areas that we have mulched. 

We have also had great success mulching in conjunction with spraying (the spraying kills everything and the mulching clears the dead plants). This is the most effective but requires long term planning as spraying can take two months to fully work and mulching needs to be done when the ground is dry in the summer. In some cases if the area is left long enough after spraying grass can start to grow up between the dead plants and then remain there after the gorse has been mulched.  

In addition to gorse we can mulch almost any type of tree (including tall, self-seeded pines) with up to 200mm diameter trunks. This is done by partially mulching the tree while its standing then pushing it over and mulching it into the ground. We can clear larger trees too by separating large limbs and trunks that are too big to be mulched. Below is a video of our mulcher in action.









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"I contacted James at Stumpmaster to clear some significant gorse on our rural property near Whangateau that had been well established for almost a decade. After spending a couple of weekends myself attacking the gorse with a weed wacker with a metal blade and a hacksaw I gave up and called in James. James made quick work of the gorse in a few hours with his bobcat and mulching equipment. I can hardly recognise the land now that the gorse is gone. The section is now gorse free and grass is already starting to grow. I’m able to easily manage potential gorse regrowth now that the land is clear. I highly recommend James for removing established gorse from your rural property." - Nigel Parker - Whangateau

The property below shows a residential site in Hobsonville before and after excavator mulching


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