Stump Grinding

Stump grinding involves grinding a stump below the surface of the ground with a special tungsten-toothed grinding machine. Because the process break the stump up into tiny mulch pieces rather than tearing the stump out whole the machines are able able to be much smaller (100-500kg compared to 10-20tons). This saves money, allows access to more sites and does less damage to the surrounding area. Because the machine turns the stump into mulch as it removes it there is no heavy, dug-out stump pieces to dispose of afterwards.

Any size, any where!

Stumpmaster is able to tackle literally any sized stump in any location. Our jobs range from single stumps in planter boxes to hundreds of large stumps for for our tracked machines. We have a machine for every type of job resulting in the highest quality work at the best possible price.

Owner’s Responsibilities

I will make every effort to take as much care as possible and in most cases the location of underground services are far deeper than any stump grinding operation is likely to go. Our experience allows us to estimate most areas where your services are likely to be located and advise you of what steps should be taken to mitigate the risk. It is the direct responsibility of the property owner/manager to ascertain the location of all underground services. Therefore we accept no liability for any damage caused to these services during the grinding process. 

You may need to check the position of: Power cables, Water lines, Gas feed lines, Drainage and sewer pipes, Phone lines, Watering systems

Exposing services in sensitive areas (such as along the sides of driveways) by hand digging prior to ordering stump grinding is usually a good way to ensure nothing is damaged.


Removing a stump where replanting is anticipated can sometimes cost slightly more as a deeper grinding depth is often required. Discuss your plans with me during the quote.


If you are planning to excavate the area in which we are stump grinding this MUST be discussed at the time of quoting to ensure all parts of the stump and roots are ground to an appropriate level. In some cases it is advisable to start excavations before grinding or do the grinding and digging simultaneously


In the summer months stump grinding can produce large amounts of dust, especially if we have to grind through a lot of soil. It is recommended that windows be closed and laundry be taken in off the clothesline prior to stump grinding.

Other Contractors

We understand the tight deadlines and organisation that goes into a project and are happy to work around any other contractors as long as it is safe to do so. We frequently work around builders, drain layers and civil contractors. It is advised that you let any other tradesmen know we are coming so they can plan accordingly. Remember, stump grinding is a loud, dirty and dusty task and it doesn't fit well with jobs like painting, plastering etc.  

Coverage Area

Stumpmaster carries out stump grinding and stump removal in Warkworth, Matakana, Snells Beach, Omaha, Wellsford, as well as surrounding areas and the North Shore.


An obligation free quote is provided for all jobs. We will usually bring the stump grinding machinery to the quote so jobs can be done there and then 


Please ensure your site is made as accessible as possible. Obstacles such as vehicles, pot plants, building materials and skip bins may need to be moved. I have stump grinders to access any location however, better access can allow the use of bigger machines which help cut cost. The image below shows a small hand-held grinder which can be lifted into some very tricky places. The machine in the photo above can fit through a 800mm wide gate    


“ I called James to assess the removal of some trees and he was immediately on the job.
He was also competitive and left the property clean and tidy. I have no hesitation recommending James and Stump master for any work needed"
Jon Sheridan - Omaha Beach


"We have used James several times now for stump grinding after tree removals and would thoroughly recommend his workmanship. He does the job efficiently and gets into those awkward and steep hard to get at places. We find James to be efficient and professional with a very pleasant personality and manner, and would definitely use him again. We have no hesitation in recommending him highly"
Ralph & Judy Dillon - Snells Beach

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